Ballet with a Boeing? SA Mzansi Ballet partners Mango airline at Swartkops Air Show

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Mango airline Boeing

A dance with a difference. Mango airline and SA Mzansi Ballet collaborate at the Swartkops Air Show.

Okay, think about it for a moment, the ballet company can’t do much choreography with a Boeing while it’s sitting heavy-as-a-heffalump on the tarmac (even this sleek new generation 737-800); nor can the dancers attempt a flying corps de ballet alongside the plane in the air – that would be a little undignified, what with being blown around like a leaf and all, not to mention lethal.

No, it all comes down to synchronisation and timing, something that both pilots and dancers know pretty-darn well, and will be put to the test during their collaborative “aerial ballet spectacular” at the Swartkops Air Show outside Pretoria on Saturday 11 May 2013.

Time for some precision aerial manoeuvres…

And the planes can do some cool tricks too.

Hein Kaiser, spokesperson for the Mango airline explains: “While the aircraft performs its procedure in the air, the ballet company will execute movement on stage”. Now while that description may sound a little dry; the opportunity/challenge that this gives a ballet company is actually rather juicy (no Mango puns intended).

You see, essentially the ballet piece will be choreographed to synchronise and respond to the aerial performance of the Boeing 737-800 – now how many dancers can add that to their CVs? (Although let’s hope they explain the context, imagine the interviewer saying “hmm, you danced with a ‘Boeing’? Well that’s not a very nice way to refer to your partner.”)

SA Mzansi Ballet chief executive Dirk Badenhorst adds that while, at 7 minutes, it is likely the shortest performance in the company’s history, it is also an important one.

“We endeavour to take ballet to the public at every possible opportunity and to share its beauty and grace. What better platform than sharing airspace with a giant and graceful aircraft. What a juxtaposition,” says Dirk Badenhorst.

Choreography: A jumbo challenge

Angela Malan, SAMB’s ballet mistress and senior principal dancer, choreographed the piece for this special and unusual event. Her idea was to create a sense of flying, using an upbeat score. She has taken iconic steps from the major classics and essentially rolled them up into one performance.

The following twelve dancers will all be seen flying across the stage: Sanmarie Kreuzhuber, Burnise Silvius, Lindé Wessels, Jessica Overton, Claudia Monja, Angela Maree, Jonathan Rodrigues, Michael Revie, Ramiro Samón, Randol Figueredo, Carlos Santos and Luis de Castro.

Air Show details:

The dance performance is scheduled to take place at the Swartkops Air Show on Saturday 11 May at around 11:45 am. There will be a lot more to see with a full day of aerial activities and you’ll find all the air show details at

Booking: Online-tickets are available at and Gautrain bus services are available from its Centurion station.

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