Video: Is ballet a sport? Are dancers athletes?

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CTCB ballet classIn her recent sports and fitness article, Discovery’s online editor, Catherine Davis, asked: Is ballet a sport? And, are ballerinas athletes?

To any aspiring and professional dancer, the answers to these questions are painfully obvious. Painful in more ways than one, but sadly only obvious to some. The art and pursuit of making dance look effortless and easy, leads many observers to think that perhaps it is. (Never mind that some of these same critics couldn’t touch their own toes, let alone fly through the air in grand jeté splits. Just saying.)

But fortunately, Discovery found a more diplomatic and compelling answer for their readers through this video interview with Cape Town City Ballet’s senior principal dancer, Laura Bosenberg. See the short but inspiring video here (beautifully produced by Stage 5 Films) and share with your friends…

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