About BodyMindBallet

Learning how to work the mind as well as the body makes for stronger, smarter dancers.

That’s why BodyMindBallet aims to share the very best knowledge across these fields to educate, move and inspire dancers and ballet teachers – not just to dance, but to fly.

What we cover at BodyMindBallet

  • Body: We’ll look at everything a dancer needs to know to create stronger, healthier bodies. From cross-training tips to complementary therapies; fitness, technique and nutrition tips; along with the latest findings in sports science, dance medicine and dance technique.
  • Mind: Here we’ll explore the impact that mental attitudes and patterns of thought can have on a dancer’s performance. We’ll talk to experts in the fields of psychology, neuro-science and human potential for their advice, from memory tricks for concert rehearsals to stress-coping techniques and more.
  • Performance: Artistry, musicality, creativity and choreography will be covered in this section. Also look out for dancer interviews, dance reviews and other inspiring stories and videos.
  • News: Upcoming shows, dance events and other dance-related news you’d love to know.

Based in South Africa, looking out at the world

While some content will be specific to South Africans – such as news and reviews of upcoming shows in South African cities – the Body, Mind and Performance sections will look for the best sources of dance knowledge, both locally and internationally.

Want to contribute to BodyMindBallet?

Do you have news, information or advice specific to dancers? We’d be happy to hear from you, please see the contact page for details.